Lexus IC500 ScorpionTrack S5 VTS

12 July 2019  |  Admin

The Lexus IC500 is a stunning car and we love the colour!. This customers insurance requested a Thatcham Approved S5 VTS tracker due to theft reasons more and more insurance companies are requesting a full Thatcham S5 unit over the more basic Thatcham S7 unit and the reason behind this is key cloning. A Thatcham S7 will only trigger an alert if the vehicle is towed or the battery is disconnected and the vehicle could be miles away before the owner knows / finds out the vehicle is stolen. With the S5 VTS stolen vehicle recovery units the customer will be alerted the moment the ignition is switched on without a valid ADR tag present within the vehicles interior. The idea behind VTS S5 systems was to alert a customer instantly if the vehicle is taken using the common relay attack.

The Relay attack is carried out by a thief walking up to the front door and extending the range of the original remote key. The car thinks the original car owner is standing next to the vehicle so it will unlock the doors and allow the vehicle to start up. Once this has happened they can drive the vehicle away and you wouldn't even know the car has been stolen until the next morning. With VTS S5 the customer would have been phoned straight away asking if they have started to drive the vehicle and forgot the tag.

The Scorpiontrack S5 VTS also comes with 1 years free subscription. This is an Auto Defence exclusive currently offering customers to simply buy the unit and pay nothing else for a full year. Scorpion also offer a pay monthly subscription in case your on a budget when it comes to renewal time.  ScorpionTrack also offers a full smartphone app allowing you to log in and view the vehicles location this is very useful if a family member is driving the vehicle. Scorpion also carry out health checks to make sure your tracker is working correctly at all times. If you would like a Thatcham S5 VTS Scorpiontrack fitted take a look at our webpage.