Mercedes ML Cobra ADR Alarm

11 January 2018  |  Admin

The Mercedes ML is one of the top 10 stolen vehicles in the UK. The Cobra ADR is the perfect upgrade to your Mercedes ML security, The Cobra ADR system works by a automatic driver recognition card ( ADR ) sitting on the vehicles key ring. This card emits a signal every 2 seconds, when the vehicle is unlocked with the original Mercedes key the alarm will go into a pre disarmed state. During this stage the Cobra ADR alarm is looking for the ADR card. During this time the vehicle will not be able / allowed to start, even if a key is cloned into the vehicles ECU.

After 15 seconds and the Cobra alarm has still not seen the card in range it will start the automatic count down by bleeping the siren every second. Once the next 15 second period is over the siren will sound it's full 118DB siren which features a full on board back up battery ( In case the siren is attacked ).

The vehicle will only be allowed to start and the alarm will only disarm once it senses this secure override card in range. You can view our ADR range of Cobra alarm systems on our website.