Mercedes Sprinter Meta M43 Fitted

29 November 2018  |  Admin

A Mercedes Sprinter is one of the top 10 stolen vans in the UK. This customer had a Sprinter stolen before and wanted top end security but didn't want the hassle or having an alarm installed. We advised him on the Meta M43 immobiliser. This immobiliser works after 20 seconds of the ignition being turned off and the tag going out of range. The system has to see the secure tag come into range when you turn on the vehicles ignition without this being in range the vehicle will remain immobilised.

The system also comes with a service mode touch key. This is used when you want to put the vehicle into the dealership meaning the immobiliser won't stop them starting the vehicle or carrying out any ECU updates which might be required. To reactivate the immobiliser simply place the touch key onto the override and it will become activate stopping all forms of key cloning and key scanning. The system works on the 868Mhz wavelength meaning unlike other devices it can't be cloned giving you excellent security.

The Meta M43 doesn't effect the way you start and drive your vehicle due to it being a wireless immobiliser meaning the system automaticly detects the tag in range. This system is perfect for anyone due to its ease of use and excellent reliability. If you would like to buy the Meta M43 Immobiliser.