Mercedes Vito Meta M43 ADR Immobiliser

18 December 2018  |  Admin

The Meta M43 immobiliser has been a huge hit this year due to it's cost effectiveness and reliability. Our customer with this brand new Mercedes Vito wanted a good immobiliser system but didn't want the hassle of having to disarm it or mess around when entering the vehicle. The Meta system works on a secure wavelength of 868 Mhz @ 128bit meaning the system can't be key cloned or key scanned like other devices on the basic products working on the old 433 Mhz platform. Meta is a world leader in vehicle security offering excellent protection and reliability.

The system immobilises 2 main electrical points in the vehicle meaning the vehicle is completely immobilised unless a secure Meta ADR tag is within range of the vehicle. We have custom modded the aerials on the Meta M43 units to make sure the range is reduced to make sure the system arms quickly once the owner has left the vehicle. Once modded the range is around 2 meters meaning you don't have to worry about where your keeping your keys inside your home for example.

The Meta immobiliser offers complete hands free operation by simply getting in the vehicle and driving away. The Meta immobiliser will last for many years without the hassle you would normally find with a basic immobiliser such as the touch key wearing out after a large amount of use. The Meta M43 only requires simple battery replacement within the ADR tag.