Meta ADR Tag Time Out

1 November 2019  |  Admin

Meta are always one step ahead and once again they have done something many other car tracking brands haven't even thought of. The Meta ADR tag works on 868Mhz which is the most advanced wavelength for vehicle security and it has a much better encryption meaning it can't be key scanned or key cloned or even range extended. The Meta ADR tag also times out if your keys are placed on a flat surface. We will give you the perfect example below...

Owner has a Range Rover with a Thatcham S5 VTS tracker installed. Parks up close to the window of his house, keys are always placed close to the vehicle on the window ledge. Thieves come up to the front door / window and extend the range of the original key. Due to the Meta ADR tag going into sleep mode ( When it senses no movement ) the Meta S5 VTS alert will trigger an alert when the vehicles ignition is turned on due to the Meta ADR tag not being detected.

Unlike other tracking brands Meta is one of the only brands ahead of the key cloning and key scanning attacks by making sure there ADR tags reamin secure and time out against these forms of attack. Meta has been providing security systems for over 20 years and they have manufactured more trackers than any other company in the world. Another great reason to choose Meta is the low price subscriptions meaning when it comes to another year and applying for a new subscription its very affordable, for example a S7 is only 100 per year and the S5 systems are £150.

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