Meta T75 Siren Add On

20 June 2019  |  Admin

The T75 Meta alarm add on is the number one upgrade GSM / GPS system which can be added onto the Meta alarm systems. This add on can be added to the common can bus alarm or it can be added to the HPA series of alarm systems. The system works by replacing the original siren that comes with the Meta alarm. Once replaced this new siren will give you the usual battery back up 118db siren, full GSM alerts ( in the event of your vehicle being attacked the system will text you and send a push notifcation. ) The system also has a full built in tracker meaning it works exactly the same as a normal car tracker ( exact location, history reports, battery voltage. )

A great add on which you can add to this siren is the Wi 3.0 immobilisation module. This means the system has to detect a secure ADR tag is within range before the immobiliser will disarm. This means you will be protected against key cloning and key scanning to give you complete protection. The good part about the T75 siren upgrade is the low on going subscription costs giving you effective security and affordable running costs. The T75 siren and the Wi3.0 module can turn your normal Meta alarm system into a top of the range alert system with full tracking abilites. No other system on the market can offer this massive range of features at this price point.

The Meta T75 also offers protection against jamming attacks by sounding the 118DB siren in the event of it being jammed or an attempted jamming attack. You can also use the Metatrak app to trigger the siren when you want to by simply pressing a button. And the thing we really love about this product is the tracker is built within the siren ( The last place a thief would think its located ). Find out more on the Meta Super Alarm