Microwave In Van Rear Load Area

9 June 2017  |  Admin

It is becoming more and more common with customers having there tools stolen by van door bending. This is were a theif will walk up to your van an put there knee around half way down. Once they place there hands at the top they will pull down and this will bend the side or rear barn doors in the middle. This form of attack won't trigger the alarm system due to the pin switches remaining closed.

The idea of a microwave being mounted in the rear is to sense mass movement, so if for example the door was bent down the and someone started the lean inside the microwave sensor would detect them and trigger the alarm instantly giving you the best chance of keeping your tools.

A microwave can be added onto any of our alarm packages to offer total protection against van and tool theft. If you would like to add a microwave onto your alarm system give us a call on 01507 477808.