Most Stolen Cars In London

18 March 2016  |  Admin

In London there is a massive amount of high value vehicles stolen everyday. Did you know over 200 vehicles are stolen each week and the most common vehicles getting stolen are Land Rover, Mercedes, Ford and BMW these are being stolen by key cloning over the air wirelessly if the vehicle has a keyless ignition or they are breaking entry and using the OBD diagnostic port to reprogram a new key into your vehicle. Due to London being such a busy place its a perfect area for thieves to steal a vehicle without being noticed.

Key cloning over the air is where your smart key is cloned while your walking away from your vehicle. This means you can simply pull into a car park and get out while locking your doors as normal. While your walking away your smart key is being cloned due to it transmitting a signal every couple of seconds. A thief will be nearby and will wait until you walk out of sight, once you do they will walk up to your vehicle and unlock it without giving anyone the slightest idea they are stealing the vehicle. Once there in they push the start button and drive away.

Customers in the London area are very worried and are trying all sorts of methods such as OBD plates and boxes but sadly these are not stopping all forms of theft. We do have a package that puts a full stop to key cloning over the air and OBD port hacking, this is the Cobra ADR series it's an alarm and immobiliser system, but with an advantage over any other system on the market. It has a small card that sits on your vehicles key ring which sends out a signal which is hyper encrypted known as ACE technology. These systems can be fitted to all the most common stolen vehicles in London, UK.

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