Motorbike Trackers What Is Best?

13 April 2016  |  Admin

With the large amount of Bikes being stolen in the UK and only at most 20% being recovered the motorbikes are normally shipped out the country or broken down by thieves for parts. This is a major problem for motorbike owners because they love there bikes and keeping them safe it the worst job possible. No matter what type of ultra strong chain you use or disc lock thieves will always find a way to steal the motorbike quicky. This is were a tracker is most effective over an alarm, most alarms are sounding and because they pick the bike up and way away with it the alarm is not sounding long enough to get attention.

The good news is with a stolen bike recovery tracker they feature a tilt and motion sensor meaning if the ignition is not turned on, when the bike is moved the tracker will send an instant alert to head office and they will track the bike instantly. With the back up from the local police they will aim to get your motorbike recovered as quickly as possible.

You can view our full range of motorbike trackers, we install these nationwide in the UK via our approved network of engineers.