New Laserline Remote Controls

11 January 2018  |  Admin

The all new remotes from Laserline, these are supplied with all new Laserline systems as standard. There original remotes were fantastic in terms of quality and performance but after constant use over a few years the rubber strap that secured the remote to the vehicles key's would break. This is a thing of the past with there new remote controls, the part that connects to the vehicles key ring is solid metal ( And I mean solid ) we was very impressed with there quality in feel and weight

I love the blue LED in the center that is nice and bright everytime you push a button to give a command. I think Laserline have done very well producing a remote which offers such a solid structure unlike many other remotes in the market. By far this new remote is on par with the Cobra Thatcham Cat 1 remotes which have been known as an industry bench mark for excellent solid reliability for many years.

Why not view our excellent Laserline basic alarm and immobiliser system that features these new style of remotes.