OBD Protection Infomation

28 June 2017  |  Admin

With thieves targeting the vehicles OBD port it makes sense to move or protect the OBD port from someone simply plugging in a key cloning machine to program a key. With OBD ports and there problems making the news it has been a shock to many customers there car can be stolen in as little as 30 seconds.

Most ( Not All ) attacks are carried out by accessing the vehicles OBD port to clone a key. Once cloned the vehicle thinks it is you / the owner starting the vehicle. And allows the thief to simply drive away.

We have got 2 products which are cost effective and allow you to protect your OBD port.

  • OBD extension harness. Allows you to move the port to another location ( Self Fit )
  • OBD Immobiliser ( OBD Portector ) The only Thatcham approved OBD blocker.

You can view both these devices at our OBD Protection page.