Renault Traffic 2010 Alarm Upgrade

15 June 2017  |  Admin

The Renault Traffic's are still targeted daily due to there standard flaws in security. All of these vehicles left the factory with a Thatcham Cat 2 immobiliser as standard, but only very few come with a factory alarm system that was fitted at the factory. The system we would suggest for this vehicle is the Laserline Plip Alarm Upgrade, This system works extremely well on any Renault Traffic from 2006 - 2014. This plip alarm works alongside the original vehicle remote control meaning it works in a very sleek manor. It can also be wired so it only arms with deadlocking meaning if your going to leave a pet inside the cab you can simply press the lock button once and the alarm will stay disarmed. Press the lock button twice ( factory deadlocking ) and the alarm will arm.

Once the Laserline is armed it will wrap your van in protection by monitoring the front doors, sliding and rear barn doors and vehicles interior. Any zone that is opened / disturbed during the armed phase will cause the alarm to instantly trigger. The siren is located in the engine bay sounding @ 118db if the vehicle is attacked. The siren features an internal battery back up inside the main siren unit, meaning if the wiring is cut or the vehicles battery is disconnected in order to try and stop the alarm sounding, the siren will keep sounding and the thief won't be able to shut it off.

If you would like an alarm upgrade carried out on your Renault Traffic why not take a look at our Van Security page to find out more? or you can call 01507 477808 if you would feel better speaking to one of our engineers.