Siren Mounting Location

19 July 2016  |  Admin

Is siren location important when having an alarm installed? The answer is yes.. You want the siren to be hard to attack from under the vehicle and you want it mounted in such a way it is loud when the siren sounds. This was a major issue years ago when customers had basic alarms installed and car thieves would climb under a vehicle and attack the siren wires killing the alarm siren. With Thatcham alarm sirens its a thing of the past. If a wire is cut or tampered with during the system being armed the siren will sound instantly and keep sounding due to it having it's own power supply.

The siren should always be mounted in such a way that it is hard to attack from under the vehicle. A poor siren mounting location could mean the siren is not effective in protecting your vehicle. We offer a range of budget alarms and Thatcham approved alarm systems. Which offer the best possible security for your vehicle.

We always recommend professional alarm installation offered by Auto Defence for a good high quality installation that will last and remain reliabile for many years.