Smartrack S5 VTS Review

9 May 2019  |  Admin

The Smartrack VTS S5 unit has been released for around 6 months now and as always Smartrack offer an excellent product which is backed by there 5 star customer care. The VTS S5 is exactly the same as the old Cat 5 unit but without the immobilisation. The S5 VTS system works by making sure the driver is carrying the secure ADR card which transmits a secure signal to the Smartrack ECU while the vehicle is in motion. Without the ADR card being in the vehicle the system will notify global telemetrics / Smartrack and they will phone the vehicles owner to check if a car theft is in progress.

S5 VTS gives you the best chance of recovering your vehicle in the event of it being stolen due to how quick the owner can be alerted when the vehicle is taken. The local police force in your area can start responding to recover your vehicle very quickly. The Smartrack VTS also offers a mobile smartphone app which allows you the ability to track the basic vehicle location via your smartphone. Having the Smartrack S5 VTS unit installed just gives you complete piece of mind when leaving your vehicle due to you knowing the vehicle is being monitored 24 hours a day 365 days per year.

The subscription charge is very affordable at only £13.49 per month or £159 per year meaning having the latest S5 VTS tracking device installed doesn't break the bank. Installation of the S5 VTS takes around 1 hour on most vehicles. Once installed Smartrack will call you to take the subscription payment. We can install this system nationwide in the UK, visit our Car Tracking page to find out more.