Smartrack Smartphone S5 Tracker ADR.

27 February 2020  |  Admin

Smartrack have just released there latest unit, this system is a NO1 first in the UK! Customers have complained for years having to carry a seperate tag around with them when having a Thatcham Cat 5 / S5 tracker installed. The idea behind this ADR tag is when the vehicle is moved without a tag being within the interior an alert will be triggered and smartrack headoffice will phone you instantly. With the smartphone being used as a ADR tag you don't have any worry at all. Make sure the app is open in the background and it will simply work everytime you enter the vehicle. This means you don't have to worry about about tags or batteries within the tag. Simply download the app and buy the product today. Smartrack D-ID is the future of Thatcham approved S5 vehicle tracking.

This system is avaliable to buy now from our website Smartrack D - ID.

Find out more via the Smartrack link.