Sterling Cat 1 Review

5 February 2016  |  Admin

If your looking for a basic Thatcham Cat 1 alarm and immobiliser system the Sterling Cat 1 is a great choice and I will tell you why. The Sterling Cat 1 is exactly the same as the Toad AI 606 T2 except two major changes, There is no Sensor input ( Meaning you can't add a glass break,  tilt sensor, warn away) and the other major part is there are no AUX outputs to control other items in the car. The siren, ultrasonics, remotes are exactly the same build quality as the Toad AI606 meaning its made to a high standard. Scorpion Automotive alarms are very reliable and offer advanced protection.

The system features a standard red LED that flashes once every second and you get the Sterling window stickers giving you a visual deterrent the vehicle is secure with a good and effective alarm and immobilsier system. The Sterling Cat 1 features full on board door locking meaning if your vehicle has full central door locking as standard the alarm can lock and unlock the doors. On some Jap vehicles you may require a motor fitting in the drivers door if you want the door locking working.

Main Features?

  • Battery Back Up Siren 120db
  • Sleek Matt Black Remotes
  • Black Ultrasonics
  • Red LED
  • On Board Door Locking Relays
  • All Black Wiring
  • Dual Immobiliser

This alarm really is the best budget alarm you can buy Budget Cat 1 Fitted