Subaru Cobra Cat 1 Alarm Fitting

4 May 2016  |  Admin

Loads of Car Alarms have been fitted already this month. On this installation we used the Cobra 4138 Thatcham Cat 1 alarm and immobiliser system. This system is ultra reliable and provides a very secure immobiliser system unlike some other thatcham products on the market. The alarm protects doors, boot, bonnet and the vehicles interior via very neat ultrasonic sensors which match the interior trims perfectly.

With the Cobra Cat 1 alarm and immobiliser using automatic sensitivity adjustment you can rest assured you won't get any false alarm triggers from loud cars or motorbikes. The immobiliser system which links into the Cobra alarm is very secure due to it being linked by data. This means the immobiliser can be routed off else where in the vehicle and can be linked via just 1 data wire. Being wired in this way makes it very hard for a thief to try and find the immobiliser and attempt trying to bypass it.

Don't forget we install car alarms nationwide via our mobile installation network. Fully insured and approved to fit all Thatcham Car Alarms and immobilisers. Call us on  01507 477808