Thatcham Cat 5 Monthly Subscription

3 April 2016  |  Admin

If your buying your prestige car on finance or outright you will be asked to have a Car Tracker which is known as a Thatcham Cat 5 fitted by your insurance company. It may become a slight suprise due to the cost of the devices then you will need to pay the subscription. The subscription alone can cost £199 per year, We have some great news for you. We can supply and fit the Smartrack nationwide in the UK for £649.99.

You can then set up the subscription on a direct debt basis ( credit check dependent ) This can be from as little as £16.99 per month once you have the unit installed. This is the only system in the UK that allows this form of monthly payment and it makes getting a Thatcham Cat 5 installed alot less painfu.

We supply and fit the Smartrack Thatcham Cat 5 fully mobile in the UK, via our fully approved engineers. buy the Smartrack on our website or call 01507 477808.