Thieves Targetting VW RNS Radio Units

21 June 2016  |  Admin

Audi & VW vehicles are being targetted for there very expensive multimedia units. The units being targetted are the RNS-310, RNS-315, RNS - 510 audio systems. These are very expensive to replace from a main dealer normally costing between £1000-2000. We advise getting a high security alarm installed with can't be disarmed via the blade key in the drivers door or by turning the ignition on.

Many customers seem baffled as to why they have stolen the radio if it has a radio code? Simple thieves have a diagnoistic tool which they connect into the vehicles OBD or the plug in a quad lock connector with Can-Bus communication. They then open the software and extract the radio code from the unit, this means if they sell the unit on they can supply a radio code aswell.

This means to a customer they think the unit is legit and has simply been removed from the owners vehicle. Auto Defence recommmends installing a Thatcham approved Can-Bus alarm which will trigger if the vehicles door or window is smashed to gain access into the vehicle to steal the RNS unit.

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