Toad AI606 Now Obsolete

21 February 2020  |  Admin

The end of an Era the Toad ai606 which has been around for more years than I can possibly remember (over 20!) has finally come to an end. Which to be honest is quiet sad due to how reliable these alarms were. At the start of the boy racer scene these were the no 1 alarm to have fitted to your Fiesta, Golf or RS Turbo. Due to increased component costs from China and supply issues Scorpion Automotive have decided to seize production of the Toad AI606 and the Sterling Thatcham Cat 1 models. Due to the decline in the requirements for Thatcham alarms Scorpion Automotive have no plans moving forward to make any more Cat 1 alarms. However there is some good news! The Sigma S30 Thatcham cat 1 which has been around for many years and has proven it's reliability over and over again, is still available and offers just as much protection as the Toad and even more features.

The requirement for Thatcham Cat 2>1 alarms is still there but with all vehicles in the UK coming with a Thatcham Cat 2 immobiliser after 1996 the Toad has slowly phased out after all these years.  As such there are still many products to choose from such the the Sigma S30, Meta Can-Bus alarm and many more to keep your pride and joy secure.

Sigma S30 Cat 1 ( Our recommended replacement purchase for the Toad )