Toyota Landcruiser Laserline Alarm Fitted

11 January 2018  |  Admin

The Toyota LandCruiser is an excellent all round vehicle with a fantastic 4 wheel drive system as standard. Sadly these vehicles have become a target to thieves over recent years due to them being a target customers are looking for security upgrades. We suggested the Laserline alarm system for this vehicle, The Laserline offers excellent protection over the doors, rear door, bonnet and interior. The siren is a loud 118DB siren which is very effective and the Laserline also offers an immobliser meaning the vehicle can't be simply hot wired in seconds.

This alarm was linked into the vehicles door locking meaning if you have factory fitted central door locking we can link this into the alarm to open and close the doors. The vehicles interior is protected by the Laserline ultrasonic sensors which are mounted at the top of each a-pillar.

If you would like a Laserline system fitted on your vehicle why not take a look at our range of Basic Car Alarm Systems?