Tracker Locate Review

15 June 2016  |  Admin

The Tracker Locate is a very high performance tracking system which has been on the market for many years. It's main features are GPS which is used to get a pin point location on the vehicle down to a few square meters. GSM is used for the fastest commands / data sent back and forth to the Tracker. This gives information such as vehicle location. The most advanced feature is the VHF aerial. This is an ultra high performance aerial which gives you the best chance of recovering your vehicle if it goes into a lead container at the docks.

VHF is a very high Frequency signal which is picked up via Police cars and helicopters. The signal gets stronger and stronger the closer they get to a vehicle thats been stolen. Tracker is the only car tracking systems provider in the UK to offer this type of technology. The unit also features anti jamming features which means it will ignore any jamming signals and send an alert directly to Tracker Head office in the event of any jamming method.

The only downside is the subscription being a little expensive over some other tracking brands. We have detailed subscription costs below...

12 Month Subscription (+£189.00)
24 Month Subscription (+£339.00)
36 Month Subscription (+£449.00)
48 Month Subscription (+£539.00)
60 Month Subscription (+£629.00)

We offer a nationwide installation service on the Tracker locate in the UK. Being fully approved you can rest assured you will have a top quality installation with a fast booking time. Buy Tracker Locate.