Trackstar Manfacturer Approvals

17 October 2019  |  Admin

When looking to have a car tracker installed some customers wish to have the device that is the manufacture approved device. The Manufactures of these vehicles have carried out checks to make sure the tracker will not cause issues with the vehicles electronics or cause issues with the vehicles DAB.  The Trackstar stolen vehicle recovery system has the manufactures approvals for BMW, Land Rover / Range Rover and Jaguar meaning if this system is installed there is no way a main dealer could have any excuses to get out of a warranty claim. Trackstar pride themselves in a fast and effective vehicle recovery unlike some other tracking companies which say it can take up to 24 hours to recover your vehicle. The best part about the stolen vehicle recovery, is the tracker pings every 20 seconds meaning the traffic police can get constant updates while they are tracking the vehicle with the secure control centre pin pointing its exact locations.

The Trackstar also offers European coverage meaning the vehicle can be tracked if its stolen then shipped out the country. Trackstar have recovered over 1 million pounds worth of stolen BMW's in the UK alone. The system also features a full smartphone mobile app for Apple and Android devices, this app gives you the ability to track the vehicle at its last known ignition is off ( When the vehicle was last used ). The subscription charge is slightly more expensive than other brands due to it being approved by many car manufactures. The renewal cost per year is 168.00 for the standard S7 Trackstar device.

The system also allows you to set Geo-Fences which means when your logged into your online account you can create a bubble on the map, if the vehicle exits this bubble Trackstar will alert you that the Geo fence has been breached, this is a great feature if your worried about key theft or having your vehicle stolen in the middle of the night and not knowing a thing until the next morning. You can also view previous journey trips the vehicle has taken which is ideal if you lend the vehicle to a family member.

Traffic Master Trackstar S7