Van Door Peeling?

25 January 2017  |  Admin

Van door peeling is becoming a big problem in the UK. This is due to theives knowing if they keep the bottom of the door pushed in / flat it won't trigger an alarm system. This is due to most vans having a solid bulk head meaning the ultrasonic sensors in the front won't pick up movement in the rear.

This method is becoming more common since tradesman have been putting upgraded locks on there vans. This has caused the thieves to look at other methods of entry and peeling a door skin back or cutting a hole in the roof is now more common than ever before.

At Autodefence we look a step further into vehicle security and we have found the best method is a microwave sensor in the rear. you can view our van alarms.

  A Microwave sensor will detect movement if the door is peeled or a hole is cut into the roof. If you are unaware of how this attack method is carried out please take a look at the video below.