Vodafone Cobratrak 5 Review

15 February 2016  |  Admin

The V2 Cobratrak 5 unit is outstanding, The old unit was quiet large in terms of mounting options and wasn't ideal in some cases. The V2 Cobratrak is everything the original should have been and with an ultra small module with inbuilt GPS and GSM aerials you can be assured the unit would be extremely hard to find in the event of a vehicle theft. The unit gives you complete piece of mind by having 2 ADR cards as standard, this means you need to enter and drive the vehicle with at least 1 card being present. If you drive off without the card Cobra head office will call you and ask if your vehicle has been taken. The great part about the Cobra system is the starter motor immobilisation which can be activated in the event of a car theft by police. This protects you vehicle against a high speed police chase and gives you the edge on getting the vehicle back without damage.

The Cobratrak 5 features anti jamming technology unlike cheaper units on the market. If an attempted jamming device is used Cobra will phone and alert you straight away. And with an inbuilt tri roaming sim inside the unit will always change networks to find the best possible signal at all times. other cheaper units only remain on one network and the issue comes down to signal weakness in certain areas, with the Cobra this issue is a thing of the past.

The only downside to the Cobratrak 5 is there internet access which was discontinued on the V2 unit, meaning you can't have any form of online account to log in and check the vehicles location yourself. Only Cobra head office can check and alert police to the vehicles location. This is not ideal for some customers due to them liking the ability to check the vehicles location yourself.

Vodafone Cobratrak 5 fitted nationwide UK.