Vodafone Fleet Track Review

12 October 2016  |  Admin

Just released today the new Vodafone protect and connect. This is a special product which isn't Thatcham approved but offers fantastic vehicle tracking for your single vehicle or your whole fleet and with a subscription cost of nothing for the first year. Yes that's correct the first year from Vodafone is completely free of charge. And the best bit of all each year after is only £45.00. That works out at only £3.75 per month. You are getting industry leading tracking which is around £6.25 cheaper than all other major tracking suppliers in the UK.

This is the latest device on the market to shake up the industry in terms of quality and performance for the best service to the end user. Since Meta released there range of units with free subscriptions they have been the leader in the most cost effective product. But this is no longer the case with Vodafone Automotive giving you a very good product for a bargin which you simply can't turn down.

So what does the Vodafone Connect and Protect give you?

  • Geo-Fence
  • Speed Limit Alert
  • Trip Report
  • Milage Reports For Business
  • Find My Car
  • Internal Battery
  • 12 Volt Only / Will Need A Voltage Dropper For 24 Volt Vehicles

Buy Now for £299 Supplied and Fitted.