Vodafone Tracker Free Iphone App

12 October 2016  |  Admin

Today Vodafone Automotive have just released there iPhone app which is now avaliable to anyone buying a Vodafone tracking system, These are known as Protect & Connect, Protect & Connect 6, Protect & Connect 5.

Vodafone is a little late to the show with there iPhone app but once you take a look you will be impressed. And I personally think it is the best tracking app for a smart phone to date. Offering you a massive range of features such as driving behaviour, trip reports, geo fence alerts, and speed alerts makes it so advanced over the other systems on the market.

How about you go christmas shopping and the car park is so full you have to park ages away from the shopping center. when you get into the car park another 100 vehicles look the same as yours. No problem, open your connected car app on your iPhone and click find my car. It will give you a GPS walking route back to your vehicle.

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