Vodafone Trackers Re-Branded

10 November 2016  |  Admin

Vodafone have made some major changes since there take over a couple of years ago. And they have decided to re-brand the Cobra Cat 6 and Cobra Cat 5 units completely to come inline with there market wording ' connect ' this is a word they want you to take in.

Connected is there form of wanting everything car related to come in the connected form ( Smartphone related apps) and this includes there tracking devices. The latest units offer the mobile smartphone app which allows the customer to log in and see the vehicles location. trip reports, special modes, geo fence and speed alerts.

The Cobratrak Thatcham Cat 6 unit is now named : Protect & Connect 6

The Cobratrak Thatcham Cat 5 unit is now named: Protect & Connect 5