VW T6 Cobra ADR Alarm Fitting

28 February 2018  |  Admin

The VW T6 normally comes with a basic alarm as standard but sadly this offers limited security against attack such as OBD port key cloning. Auto Defence offer the Cobra ADR alarm which protects the vehicle from all common attacks carried out on this vehicle. Even if a key is cloned into the vehicles ECU the vehicle still won't start, giving you excellent security against attack.

Our system protects doors, bonnet, sliding door and rear barn doors. We would also recommend adding an additional microwave to cover the vehicles interior for extra security. The alarm features a 118DB battery back up siren. If the siren is attacked or the wires are cut the alarm will keep sounding.

Inside the interior you will only see a small LED which is located on the switch blanks below the heater vents. This LED flashes once every second when the alarm is armed ( Visual deterrent ). The alarm features 2 ADR cards which need to be present to disarm the alarm and immobiliser, when disarming the alarm via the original VW T6 remote control the alarm goes into a pre disarmed state until it senses these cards.

You can buy our VW Cobra ADR package.