What Is A Laser Diffuser?

1 June 2016  |  Admin

We have all seen a police officer in a yellow coat at the side of the road. Normally holding a device which looks like a square gun. These are called laser gun's and they detect a vehicles speed by pingin a laser beam at the number plate. This in turn gives the police officer an exact speed the vehicle is travelling. And in most cases if the vehicle is going faster than the limit the vehicle will be pulled over.

A laser diffuser works by '' jamming '' the laser guns signal that is sent when the trigger is pulled by the operator. A laser diffuser works at all times by being ready to defuse a laser signal, they use a 904 or 905 laser inside the unit and they are mounted under your vehicles number plate.

How does the system alert you it is jamming a laser? inside your vehicle you will have a hidden switch and a small LED. This will beep and alert you with a red LED if the system is jamming a laser gun. In turn you can slow your speed if needed.

Are these devices legal? its a hard question to answer due to the system working as a front parking sensor. This means that it's main feature is not aimed at proventing the court of justice.  and as such it's a grey area! get one fitted at your own risk. Laser Diffusers