Why Can't Cat 5 Immobilise While In Motion

31 March 2016  |  Admin

Many customers ask why can't the vehicle be instantly immobilised. The picture above is a very good reason why Thatcham approved Cat 5 devices are unable to stop the vehicle while it is in motion. As you may be aware Thatcham cat 5 is only installed on more high end cars such as the Range Rovers, Audi S series and Porsche vehicles. The issue customers ask is why can't the vehicle come to a stop instantly. If for example the vehicle was stopped instantly the vehicle could end up in a dangerous position such as a rail way track or another place which could cause serious death or injery to a member of the pubic.

The Thatcham Cat 5 guide lines state an engineer can only stop the vehicle from starting. This means if the vehicle was stolen and the engine was turned off. Providing a head of police is with the vehicle they can ask the call center to immobise the vehicle from re-starting.

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