Why have Cobra ADR installed?

5 January 2016  |  Admin

Cobra ADR is ground breaking technology that will secure your vehicle to the extremes. vehicle with or without keyless entry are being targeted across the country. This is due to major flaws in the cars software. This is due to the manufactures not being able to lock out ECU hackers. If your vehicle was made after 1996 you will have a factory fitted immobiliser fitted as standard. The main problem is due to the original vehicle immobiliser and how they work.

When you enter your vehicle and start your car the vehicles ECU's are looking for a coded signal within your original vehicles key. Once this is scene by the vehicle it will allow the car or van to start. Since ECU's have been fitted there is a diagnostic port known as OBD this is a 16 pin computer port within your vehicle. Once linked into this you can use a programmer or pc to program new remote keys into the software within your vehicle. Once the programming is done the thief can simply start your car and drive away.

This is a major problem due to over 200 vehicles being stolen everyday in just London alone by thieves using this method. We at auto defence have a custom solution to throw a spanner in the works and stop key cloning in its tracks. The system is called Cobra ADR, this is an alarm and immobiliser system linked to encrypted wireless cards which hang from your vehicles keys.

If an attack takes place on your vehicle the alarm will sound a 118db siren along with the vehicles indicators flashing. And the great part is even if a key is cloned or programmed into the vehicle the car or van still won't start. This is due to the Cobra ADR system having an immobiliser cut to stop the thief from driving away.

The Cobra ADR system will only fully disarm once it see's the ADR card in range of the system.