Why Use A Can-Bus Alarm?

8 April 2016  |  Admin

Can-Bus can be used to communicate between all the modules in the vehicle. A simple term for the word Can-Bus is data, just like a computer network at home or in your office. The network is always speaking to each other, the same goes for your car. When you turn your ignition on you are sending loads of signals to each computer within the vehicle.

Why do manufatures use Can-Bus? Can-Bus decreases the amount of wiring used within a vehicle by a large amount. A good example is a VW door harness which normally carries 6 wires in total ( 12v, Ground, Can HI, Can Low, Speaker +, Speaker -. This means there is very limited amount of wire used, years ago a door harness could be 15-20 wires which makes a great expense when designing and producing a motor vehicle.

Is Can-Bus a good thing? Yes I would say the change over to Can-Bus is excellent in terms of what products you can install and the advanced diagnostics you can carry out on the vehicle. The worst thing about Can-Bus is when a wire becomes broken or a module fails. This can cause major issues such as non start or the modules not talking to each other. The expense to repair the can-bus system is not cheap.

So why should you use a Can-Bus Alarm over a normal car alarm system. Can-Bus alarms have been designed for your exact vehicle. We call it a '' Can Profile '' we download this onto the alarm system and it has all the data commands for your vehicle inbuilt within the software. It does mean the car alarm is more reliable than any other due to the small amount of wiring. And the platform being more stable than ever before.

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