You Need a Range Rover S5 Tracker

6 March 2020  |  Admin

Range Rover Sports were the NO1 vehicle of 2019 to be stolen. This was due to the excessive rise in keyless car theft with many owners still not being aware of keyless car theft or putting the keyless key into a signal blocker pouch but not realising these pouches break up inside and cause the key to work as normal after a short period in time. This means they are not a secure way of protecting your vehicle, We have many options such as immobilisers to keep the vehicle safe. However many customers don't want to loose there vehicle if a theft is successful as such customers look into tracking devices to give you the best chance in getting the vehicle back. Many customers opt for our Trackstar Thatcham approved S5 this meets the strict insurance requirements which many insurers have set out for these vehicles. Many insurance companies won't even insure your Range Rover unless an S5 tracker is installed. Having the Trackstar S5 fitted not only means your insurance company will be 100% happy due to it being the highest tracking approval. It's also the official product for the vehicle meaning if the vehicle goes back to Range Rover / Land Rover for warranty work they can't void any warranties due to it being the factory approved product for this vehicle.

Why do thieves target Range Rover more than any other car in the UK. Money is the answer! Range Rover parts are so expensive these vehicles are stolen then stripped down in hours and the parts are sold on the black market, even the most common auction sites are used to sell stolen car parts. Many parts within the engine or interior are not marked with a VIN or Engine number meaning the theives know they don't have any way of being traced. This makes them money very quickly and the rest of the vehicle is normally cut up and distroyed meaning they will never find your vehicle again.

Why does a trackstar tracker give you the fastest response time in recovering your vehicle? With the S5 Trackstar system it uses ADR. When turning on the vehicles ignition the tracker is instantly looking for the ADR tag which is located on the vehicles keys. If this tag isn't present the Trackstar head office will phone you straight away and ask you if your vehicle has been stolen. If it has this gives you the best chance of recovering your vehicle before it's to late. Remember this is the Official / approved device for your Range Rover giving total piece of mind.

BUY the Trackstar S5 Tracking Device £399.99 Nationwide UK Installation.