Are Smart Key Vehicles Only Vulnerable To Being Stolen?

16 September 2016  |  Admin

The question of the past year or so is... ''are smart key vehicles only vulnerable to being stolen?'' the answer is yes a lot more likely over a standard blade key. You might ask why? A keyless entry system known as PKE in the trade transmits a signal from the remote control every second. When you walk upto the vehicle and press the switch on the drivers door the vehicle is looking for your original smartkey to be in range of your vehicle. How does the vehicle know the key is there? there is an active locking module in the vehicle looking for your remote control to make sure the doors open instantly without delay.

With the vehicles key in your pocket you are subject to having your key cloned. With it transiting at all times a thief can grab the unique rolling code signal quickly and easily and drive your vehicle away. The most common time this happens is in a shopping center, while your in the pub or having something to eat. There is a very high end code grabber which costs in the region of £30.000 and can clone around 50 keys at any one time. This gives the thief a choice of many high end cars in the car park.

I am not worried my car software has been updated. This does NOT work! updating a key cloning side of the ECU with not stop your physical key being cloned in the examples above. The most common manufactures have tried loads of updates, fixes and recalls and it will never stop the issue. When they create a fix the thieves are on the case instantly with there hack to steal the vehicle.

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