Audi RS3 Autowatch Ghost 2 Fitted

30 March 2020  |  Admin

Audi RS3 now protected with the Autowatch Ghost 2. The ghost works very well on this vehicle by immobilising the engine unless a secure code is entered via the interior buttons. If someone jumps in the vehicle with your key or a cloned copy the engine will start and die after 1 second. Within the cluster it will come up with warning messages and simply won't allow an engine restart. Once the ignition is turned on and the code is entered the errors will clear once the ignition has been switched on then off again.

This vehicle also has a good selection of buttons for example the steering wheel buttons and the window switches. Most of these buttons can be used to create a nice secure pin code that only YOU will know. And the best bit about the Ghost is the ability to change the buttons if needed meaning if your unhappy with your pin number you can simply re-program a new pin number with the buttons that are listed for your vehicle.

The Ghost features a free of charge mobile smartphone app for Apple and Android phones however we wouldn't recommend using it due to the security risks that it can have. For example  ( Ghost without phone paired ) your house is broken into for your RS3 keys, thief takes the keys outside to your vehicle and won't be able to start it or drive away. OR ( Ghost with a paired iPhone ) thief breaks into your house and takes the RS3 keys and the iPhone, he switches Bluetooth on via the drop down menu. Car starts and it's driven away.

The App is a nice feature but it's a massive security flaw on the Autowatch Ghost 2. If you would like a Autowatch Ghost 2 installed on an Audi RS3 or another vehicle why not book online today.