Audi RS6 Autowatch Ghost Fitting

21 July 2017  |  Admin

The Audi performance vehicles are always a target to thieves and with them being in the top 10 stolen vehicles in the UK, it makes sense to secure your Audi as much as possible. The Autowatch Ghost works fantastic on this vehicle by immobilsing the vehicle by Can-Bus. To an everyday person the vehicle will start as normal but it will instantly die after 1 second. A thief would think there is an engine fault, but there isn't the Ghost shuts down the ECU side of things all via Can-Bus data.

The most impressive part of the Ghost is the in ability to not be able to find the device once installed. The immobiliser can't be found via diagnostic data or live data making this so secure once its fitted to your Audi RS6. The Ghost can't be bypassed using key cloning methods or range extending the smart key. The Ghost will only disarm once the ignition is turned on and the pin is entered using a series of button presses in order to allow engine starting / vehicle running.

Autodefence can install the Autowatch Ghost on your Audi RS6 and many other standard and performance model Audi vehicles. We are approved Ghost installers.