Audi TT Autowatch Ghost Fitted

18 July 2018  |  Admin


The Audi TT is a very common car to be stolen due to it not longer using a blade key, it is even easier to steal the vehicle due to thieves now putting a key scanning device up to the front door, this extends the range outside to the vehicle meaning the car thinks / believes the vehicles key is in range. The Autowatch Ghost offers excellent protection against key cloning and key scanning by immobilising the vehicle unless a secure code is entered via the steering wheel buttons or window buttons when the ignition is switched on. This means even if your keys are stolen from your home the vehicle still can't be started.

The Audi TT works extremely well with the Autowatch Ghost and it's the perfect upgrade for customers looking to enhance there security to the next level. The Ghost will automatically arm once the vehicles ignition has been turned off for more than 30 seconds meaning you don't need to arm the device yourself or worry about start / stop effecting the vehicle. It will only arm once the ignition is pressed.

The Autowatch Ghost uses Can-Bus signals in order to stop the vehicle from running meaning it doesn't cut or modify any wiring in the vehicle. It simply connects in and works with the onboard can-bus system. The device can't be found via diagnostics or any other form of testing, the ghost is simply soldered into the original vehicle harness and taped up.

If you would like your Audi TT secured visit our Autowatch Ghost page...