Autowatch Ghost 2 Released

25 January 2019  |  Admin


The Autowatch Ghost 2 offers slightly more than the older Ghost product. The  system now allows you to add up to 4 devices in total. You can have 2 phones paired at any one time and you can also have 2 tags paired. This is great if a lot of family members use the vehicle. By pairing up your smartphone it means you can get the the vehicle with a ' Ghost paired ' device and turn the ignition on and the vehicle will be able to start and drive without needing the enter any codes. Many customers also don't want the hassle of a smartphone app or worrying about if there Bluetooth is on. The Ghost 2 allows you to have 2 ADR tags which can sit on the vehicles keys. Once again if a ADR tag is within range the vehicle will start and run.

The Ghost  2 also has a LIN input for Lexus and Toyota vehicles which means you can pick up additional buttons on these vehicles which you couldn't before. The Ghost 2 is going to be the same in every other way in terms of performance and reliability.

We can install the Autowatch Ghost 2 anywhere in the UK and remember if you have a Land rover, range rover, or Jaguar vehicle there is an additional charge to install this device due to it needing extra labour and an additional part.

The mobile Smartphone apps can be downloaded here...

Search iTunes for Autowatch Ghost-II or click here

Search the Play Store for Autowatch Ghost-II or click here