Autowatch Ghost Review

16 February 2016  |  Admin

Autowatch have been known for producing car alarms and immobiliser systems for years. But not one manufature has stepped up the game in terms of making a more up to date immobiliser system that stops the vehicle starting by using Can-Bus data. Autowatch have just released there stunning new immobiliser system known as '' Autowatch GHOST '' this is the best I have seen in years in terms of product and software development. The great feature on the Autowatch system is the ability to fit the device within the vehicles harness and no one would know where it's located or how to bypass it.

Unlike all modern security which transmits a signal over the air known as RF this device can't be cloned or hacked in any way. The system wouldn't even show up on a diagnostic machine making it extremely secure. The system is programmed for your exact vehicles software platform and the system is turned off / disarmed via a series of key presses for example steering wheel controls or mirror adjustment. Once the correct order has been entered by the original vehicle controls the vehicle will be able to start as normal.

The system also has a service mode if you wish to take your car into the dealer they can use and start the vehicle without an issue. The system also features an emergancy override pin code meaning in the event of an original button getting broken over the years to come there is a special override to disarm the immobiliser and get the vehicle running.

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