Autowatch Ghost VS Autowatch Ghost ADR

30 August 2017  |  Admin

The Autowatch Ghost has been on the market for a while now and the vehicle software updates are becoming more and more available. The Ghost has been a huge hit for many BMW, Mercedes, and Ford owners. Sadly there is no Android mobile phone app which keeps on getting promised but so far nothing has come of it.

Autowatch have now got the Ghost ADR, and many people are asking is it better than the Autowatch Ghost.... The answer is NOT at all, it just works in a slightly different manor to the Autowatch Ghost system. Below we have listed the pro's and con's to each system.

Autowatch Ghost


  • Works alongside original vehicle interior buttons to disarm
  • ability to connect your iPhone once downloading the Autowatch Ghost app
  • No need to enter pin via vehicles buttons if using the Ghost app
  • No one would know it's been installed in your vehicle


  • Only works with Apple iPhone
  • Depending on vehicle there is a small amount of buttons to be used as little as 4
  • No app for Android devices as yet
  • Need to enter your code every time you enter the vehicle if you don't have an apple iPhone

Autowatch Ghost ADR


  • Can use the original vehicle interior buttons to disarm
  • The ADR tag is detected once entering the vehicle meaning no code needs to be entered.
  • Hassle free / user friendly just get in and drive away
  • No need to worry about a small choice of buttons


  • No mobile app at all ( Apple / Android are not supported at all
  • If someone steals your vehicles keys the vehicle will start / run