BMW M3 Autowatch Ghost Fitting

23 August 2017  |  Admin

The BMW is in the top 10 list of stolen vehicles in the UK, sadly the M3 is even more of a target and customers are looking for every way possible to secure there asset. The Autowatch Ghost V3 works excellent on this vehicle by offering a wide range of buttons which can be used within the interior to disarm the Ghost when getting in. The Ghost offers immobilisation when moving the vehicle out of park meaning once you put your foot on the brake and select a gear the engine will die.

The advantage of this method is being able to start the vehicle without even entering the code, meaning you can start the engine, THEN enter your pin code. This is a great feature due to the winter months requiring the driver to defrost the windows and many customers leave there vehicle running while they are doing this. ( It should be pointed out this common practice is illegal and insurance is invalid. ) if for example you was defrosting and scraping ice off the window screen, if anyone jumped in the car in attempt to steal it the engine would die.

If the vehicle was a manual for example it would kill the vehicle from starting, meaning you would have to enter your code ( Before ) cranking over the engine. The software works very well on this car and the device can be extremely well hidden.

Supplied and fitted by Autodefence 01507 477808.