Do steering wheel locks offer good security?

5 December 2019  |  Admin

You often see the posts on Facebook or owners clubs saying the first mod you should carry out is fit a steering wheel lock that covers the whole steering wheel. Sadly they don't really offer the best security on the market and like the picture above can be cut to allow the thief to drive the vehicle. The main problem with any device like this is the thieves normally disable the original security ( such as an OE alarm ) without making any noise at all. This then allows them time to attack your vehicle without making any noise at all. This is when an aftermarket alarm is worth its weight in gold due to the alarm will be triggered / sounding. Meaning you will know your vehicle is being attacked.

A good alarm which many Ford Focus & Fiesta owners have is the Cobra ADR system, this system will allow the alarm to sound if a tag is not present within the vehicles interior after 30 seconds giving you the best security possible. Many BMW owners have also decided to go this route due to interior stripping, which is when the vehicle is broken into to steal the screen, multimedia and idrive system due to these systems being worth a large amount of money when sold on.

When choosing the best car security methods for your vehicle you need to think about layers of protection rather than just one product. For example your vehicle being fitted with an alarm & immobiliser along with a steering wheel lock will put up much more of a fight against any car thief over just a steering wheel lock alone. Or in some cases owners of these vehicles are incorrectly guided on groups saying you only need to protect the vehicles OBD port. This is complete rubbish and the OBD port wiring can be attacked further down the wiring harness making it pointless. OBD protectors were a very good idea before car scanning became so popular in the UK.

Key scanning is the quickest method to steal a car or simply open it without the fear of original alarms sounding ( if fitted ). The best products to stop vehicle;e theft are the Cobra ADR, Meta ADR Immobiliser & the Autowatch Ghost.