Ford Fiesta MK8 Autowatch Ghost Fitted London

6 December 2017  |  Admin

The Autowatch Ghost works perfectly on the Ford Fiesta MK8 2017 onwards. On this vehicle the start / stop button won't allow the vehicle to crank unless the pin code is entered via the vehicles buttons. There is a good choice of buttons and the system works very well giving the customer complete piece of mind when leaving there vehicle.

Some customers decide on moving the vehicles original OBD port but sadly due to the vehicle having a keyless remote this range can be extended by thieves causing the vehicle to still start up. This types of theft are becoming more and more common. The Autowatch Ghost works completely different to all other security devices by not using remotes or fobs in order to disarm the product. The Autowatch Ghost will only allow engine starting once the correct code in entered on the dash / steering wheel buttons.

The Autowatch Ghost also has the Bluetooth App which allows you to disarm the Ghost via an iPhone. This app can be purchased via the apple store. We would advise against using the Bluetooth App due to possible security issues, but the option is there. Buy the Autowatch Ghost for your Ford Fiesta MK8