Ford Fiesta ST MK7 Autowatch Ghost Fitting

18 December 2018  |  Admin

This Ford Fiesta ST MK7 made between 2009-2017 has been a major target for vehicle thieves. As such owners have looked at the different types of security available on the market. The Autowatch Ghost alongside the Cobra ADR is one of the number 1 devices used to protect your vehicle. Not a single Ford Fiesta has been stolen since the release of the Autowatch Ghost for the Ford Fiesta. The Ford Fiesta has around 7 buttons which can be used within the vehicles interior. These buttons are used to disarm the Ghost when you enter the vehicle and turn the ignition on. If the code is not entered the vehicle simply won't start.

The Ghost immobilises the vehicle by shutting down a major electrical component on the vehicle to stop the vehicle being started via the ignition switch or bump starting methods. With this system it also features an iPhone connect app which allows you to pair up an iPhone meaning every time you get into the vehicle and turn the ignition on providing the app is active and the Bluetooth is turned on you will get a double indicator flash to confirm you can start the vehicle this allows you to drive away as per normal without having to enter any code.

You have a good choice of button presses such as the passenger window up, and mirror adjustment up, down, left, right. You can use any order you wish but you can only have up to 7 presses when choosing a code for your vehicle. We offer a fully mobile installation installing the Ghost all over the UK. Please visit the product page to place your order ( Autowatch Ghost Fitting UK )