Ford Focus RS MK2 Autowatch Ghost Fitting

19 May 2018  |  Admin

The Ford Focus RS MK2 vehicles are holding value very strong and the second hand market between £22-30k depending on spec and condition. This is a major target to the vehicle thieves due to the vehicle being so easy to steal. The Ghost has been worked on a massive amount on this vehicle to give more button options. Now the Ghost offers buttons such as passenger window up, mirror adjustment and use of the A/C heater pack meaning you can choose a very secure pin code. The MK2 RS works perfectly with the latest software they have been working on and the Ghost system does manual cut to the vehicles main electrics meaning the ignition will turn on but the vehicle won't crank over or allow bump starting making it ultra secure.

The Ghost can be disarmed via buttons within the vehicles interior or you can use the iPhone app meaning you can pair your iPhone to disable the Ghost every time you enter the vehicle. You do however have to wait for the double flash when turning the ignition on before starting the vehicle. We can install the Autowatch Ghost on the Ford Focus RS anywhere in the UK using our fully approved engineers.

If you would like the Autowatch Ghost installed