Ford Ranger Autowatch Ghost Fitting

12 July 2018  |  Admin

The Ford Ranger is quickly becoming a target for thieves. The old model used to be known for CAT theft due to it being so easy to attack from under the vehicle. The New 2015 Ford Ranger is a target for getting stolen completely, owners are looking at what should be done in order to protect there vehicle. The Autowatch Ghost is an excellent immobiliser product for this vehicle which stops all forms of common theft such as key cloning via the OBD or Key scanning, even if someone had the original keys to the vehicle it still can't be started unless you know the pin number which is entered via the vehicles cruise control buttons. This offers the customer to ability to use a set sequance of buttons in order to disarm the autowatch ghost and allow the vehicle to start.

The Ghost automatically arms when turning the vehicles igntion off. Meaning you will always be protected when leaving your vehicle / can't forget to arm the system. It will automatically become active after 3 seconds of the vehicles ignition turning off.

If you would like to get an Autowatch Ghost installed take a look at our Booking your ghost.