Keyless Ignition Key Cloning Tool

24 May 2017  |  Admin

Own a car with Keyless ignition, Worried? You should be with the Hack RF One the tool can clone the signal transmitted from your smart key. The key itself transmits a signal once every 1 second meaning its childs play for a thief to simply grab the signal and trick the car into thinking you are the owner. With tools like this becoming more and more common there is no way vehicle manufatures can provide better security or software updates to make these vehicles secure.

However due to Autodefence being the market leader in making your vehicle as secure as possible we currently have an offer on the Autowatch Ghost which is now £375 supplied and fitted. How does the Autowatch Ghost stop any form of key cloning or key code grabbing? it requires a pin number to be entered via the vehicles buttons such as cruise control, indercator stalk, and centre console buttons.

What else can you do in order to secure your vehicle? Auto Defence would recommend getting a Thatcham approved tracking device installed which means your vehicle will be recovered quickly in the event of a theft.