Mercedes C Class Autowatch Ghost Fitting

16 May 2018  |  Admin

The Mercedes C Class is one of the top 10 stolen vehicles in the UK. Sadly thieves can clone a replacement key within seconds and drive the vehicle away, or more recently the thief will extend the range of the vehicles key from the owners front door. The Autowatch Ghost however prevents these types of vehicle theft by immobilising the vehicle via Can-Bus.

Once the Autowatch Ghost is armed it can't be disarmed until a pin code is entered via the vehicles interior buttons. This for examples could be the window switches or other center console buttons. Once they are entered in the certain order ( Dictated by the customer ) the vehicle will be allowed to start.

The system can be put into Service mode when it is taken into a garage. This means the vehicle will start and drive at all times but it will exit service mode if the vehicle is driven over the speed of 31 MPH. If that is the case the next time the ignition is turned on the vehicle will be immobilised.

If you would like an Autowatch Ghost installed we can fit the device at your home or workplace in the UK.