Mercedes GLS Autowatch Ghost Fitting

21 November 2018  |  Admin

Mercedes are one of the top 10 stolen vehicles in the UK. This customer wasn't taking any chances with the possibility of loosing there vehicle. As such they decided on having the Autowatch Ghost installed to there vehicle. The Ghost works really well on this vehicle offering a large selection of buttons that can be used such as the steering wheel and cruise control buttons. The Ghost works on this vehicle by offering complete immobilisation of the engine via Can-Bus. Meaning the Ghost sends a blocking signal via the vehicles data network,

Unless a secure pin code is entered via the vehicles interior buttons, when the vehicles ignition is turned on the  Ghost will stop the vehicle from starting. The Ghost has been proven to stop many thefts of Mercedes vehicles since it was released. Due to most Mercedes vehicles being automatic they can't even roll the vehicle away meaning the only method they could use to steal the vehicle is a full recovery truck this is not available to the everyday car thief.

The Autowatch Ghost offers you the ability to pair your iPhone if you download the Autowatch Ghost app from the Apple store. Meaning you can get in your vehicle with the app open and Bluetooth switched on and every time you turn the vehicles ignition on the Autowatch Ghost will automatically disarm.